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Apply | Birth Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh: Online/Offline

Birth Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most important documents that a newly born infant needs to have. Anyone who is born in Arunachal can apply for getting birth certificate there. Here we will guide you about how to do so. Process is easy and is applicable to all the children who are born on Arunachal Pradesh’s land (be it hospital delivery or delivery at home).

Apply for Birth Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

We have already discussed the eligibility i.e. anyone who is born in Arunachal have the right to apply for birth certificate in state. You can apply and register for birth card at different levels.

Birth Certificate Arunachal Pradesh

At District Level: Additional District Registrar of Birth and Death / Distt. Statistical Officer (DSO)

At Circle and Sub Divisions: Administrative Officers ( SDO/EAC/CO) acts as Registrar of Birth
Procedure for Birth Certificate Registration is different for hospital and home deliveries. In both the cases either one of the parent or some informer can apply for the certificate.

Delivery At Hospital:
If the delivery is done at hospital or other health centers then you need to apply within 1 year along with the medical certificate issued by the hospital. In case you are not able to make it within 1 year then you will need affidavit for getting birth certificate approved.

Delivery at Home:
In this case, parent or informer needs to report through application on a simple paper within 1 month of the birth. After 1 month, you will need to submit registration form along with the affidavit in prescribed format (you can get it from any notary shop near court or can try online also).

Documents Required

• Form Number 1 or Birth Report (can be obtained from hospital itself)

• Medical Record/Certificate maintained by hospital governing body that is issued just after the baby’s birth

• Simple application for cases with delivery at home

Application Fee

• Within 1 month Rs.5

• Beyond 1 month but within 1 year: Rs.10

• Beyond 1 year: Rs.15

Do let us know if any sort of help needed.