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Apply Birth Certificate Karnataka | Online/Offline

Birth Certificate in Karnataka is supposed to be registered within the first 21 days after the birth. Entire procedure and formalities are easy and we will be explaining them step by step here. Things that we will explain here are:

Online application for birth certificate in Karnataka | Check Status | Documents Required | Where to register| Who can register and some other common facts that will help you with the entire application process. This process is applicable in all major/minor cities like Bangalore, Mysore/Mysuru, Mangalore, Hubli, Belgaum, Tumkar, Bellary etc

Birth Certificate

How to register birth certificate in Karnataka

As already said above, you need to put your application within first 21 days of the birth. Person who is required to submit application form is:

Birth in House
In such cases family head is supposed to submit the application form. In his/her absence, it can be submitted by nearest relative to the head of the family. In case both are not available to register the birth within stipulated time (21 days) then oldest adult male person present in the family at that time can submit the application form to respective authorities.

Hospital/Jail/Moving Vehicle/Hostel/Dharamshala
In any such case, person in charge at that time needs to be present (As proof) while submitting birth certificate application form.
In Karnataka, you can apply for birth certificate without enrolling the child’s name even. You can register the name later within 15 years from the date of registration (but please try to register the name as soon as possible, typically within 1 year).

Application fee and other formalities

Within 21 days: No fee

21-30 days: Rs. 2

30 days-1 year: Rs. 5 late fee along with approval from Tahsildar/Commissioner/Chief officer

Beyond 1 year: In such cases, applicant will have to produce an order of a Magistrate of the first class or a Presidency Magistrate along with Rs. 10 late fee

In case the birth has happened outside India then parents have the chance to apply for birth certificate within 60 days of their first visit to India after the birth.

Where to register Birth Certificate in Karnataka

In rural areas, you can register at village accountant office.

In urban area, you can register at health officer/health inspector office

Documents Required

Although no specific instructions can be availed for this particular session, however please carry basic docs like marriage certificate of parents, birth registration record (if it is the case of hospital delivery), ID proof etc along with you.

Is it mandatory to get birth certificate in Karnataka?

Not only Karnataka, but birth certificate is equally important/vital in all Indian states. It is the only evidence of applicant's age which can be used later as base in all other government records. So it is highly advised to get your details registered with birth certificate department.

Do let us know if you want to know anything else or are stuck with something about birth certificate process in Karnataka.