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Apply Birth Certificate Online/Offline: Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the few states where one can think about using digital stuff at right pace. Here we will discuss about how to apply and get birth registration certificate in Tamil Nadu. We will discuss minute details like importance of birth certificate, how to apply, who needs to apply, whom to apply, where to apply, status tracking and many other such things.

As the name says, Birth certificate is a document that state evidences about birth of an infant. It carries very basis details like name (can register later also), weight, time, place of birth etc. Birth Certificate becomes very crucial at later stages when one needs to get enrolled in school, apply for any other government documents, background checks etc. If I have to conclude in a nutshell then birth certificate is a must have document for every Indian infant.

It is a general procedure that is applicable to each and every district, area (like Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Ooty etc)

How to apply for birth certificate online/offline in Tamil Nadu

Like most of the other states, in Tamil Nadu also you need to apply for birth certificate within first 21 days of the birth.

In villages, birth records are maintained by Taluk Office for first two years and then they are transferred to respective Sub-Registrar's Office. So if you belong to rural area and want to claim for the birth certificate then you can get it from Taluk office till first 2 years and after that you will have to head over to Sub-Registrar's office for birth certificate related queries.

Apply Birth Certificate Online

In urban areas, records are maintained at respective Town/Municipal Office, so you can visit there directly for any queries with birth certificate.

Procedure is as below:

• If case of rural areas, you need to visit Gram Panchayat Office (GPO) for obtaining Birth Certificate application form. Once you have it, fill in all the columns, sign in properly and submit it back to the concerned office at Gram Panchayat.

• In case of urban areas, you need to report at concerned local body office. You can get application form there.

For births taking place in any sort of medical institution, applicant needs to carry birth registration record’s copy (that medical institution use to maintain for their own record) while coming for birth registration. Please check with medical institution once as in many cases they directly apply for the birth registration.

Timelines for birth certificate registration
Ideally you should register within first 21 days of the birth. After 21 days, you can register with normal late fee up to one year. However beyond 1 year, you will have to come up with a Judicial Order from a Magistrate and with penalty.

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