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Apply for Birth Certificate Online/Offline

Birth Certificate should ideally be the first document that everyone in India must be enrolled into. As the name says, it is used to collect/preserve birth records of infants at village level. It holds valuable information like child’s name, date/time of birth, address, gender, parent names and many other vital things. Here we will check about how to apply for birth certificate online and offline in India. With the advent of digital technology in India, such basic services are getting ported to online platforms. Birth Certificate is also getting online (although only few states have started it) and we will guide you with step by step detail about how to register for a birth certificate online.

Birth Certificate Online

Uses of Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate is one of the most important documents for an infant and is required in below cases:

• Required for school admission

• Required for making other important documents like Ration Card, Passport, Bonafide Certificate, Voter ID, Driving License and almost all other documents. Birth Certificate can be used like a base which has the potential to hold any document/certificate on its surface (I mean you can create any other document with its help)

• Can also be used for enrollment in Government Schemes

• Required during Background Check in Private/Government firms. Whenever you join some private or government firm for the first time (your first job basically) then you will need to show birth certificate. Some firms asks to produce birth certificate in English language only so do prepare one in English format also.

• Required during Passport verification also (I am not sure whether it is required now or not but earlier it was required for Passport creation)

Documents Required for Birth Certificates

Birth Certificate needs to be applied within 21 days of the birth date. It can be applied/created at Municipal Corporation Office, Panchayats or Hospitals even. You will need to produce below set of documents while submitting birth certificate online/offline application:

• Birth certificate of parents

• Birth letter issued by the hospital

• ID proof of parents

• Marriage Certificate

How to apply for Birth Certificate Online/Offline in India

You can register for birth certificates using below steps:

• Visit your nearby Panchayat or Municipal Corporation (whichever is near)

• Ask for the Birth Certificate form and get one

• Fill it carefully and attach all the documents that are listed on registration form (we have also mentioned them above)

• Submit the completely filled form along with required documents

• Officers from respective department will verify mentioned details

• Once the verification is done, birth certificate will be issued and will be delivered to your address within 7-15 days (in case you need it early then you can collect it from the Municipal Office directly)

Register Birth Certificate: Online
As we mentioned earlier, some states (like Maharashtra, Delhi etc) are providing online birth certificate registration facility. Soon we might see online birth certificate enrollment facility launched by other states as well.

In order to get birth certificate online, you need to visit respective state’s (area in fact) municipal corporation website, fill in the online birth certificate form, upload required documents and then at last submit them.

We will cover detailed step by step guides for each state in coming days. So stay tuned.

Do let us know if you have any concerns/queries.