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Apply Online | Birth Certificate: Chandigarh

Birth Certificate in Chandigarh is easy to get and is among must have things that an infant in Chandigarh should have within 21 days of birth (there are obviously some alternatives that needed to be followed in case you miss this 21 days timeline, we will check them in the remaining course of this article).

Birth Application Form Chandigarh

How to apply for Birth Certificate in Chandigarh

Follow this guide:
• Visit your nearby office of Registrar (Births and Deaths) and ask for the birth certificate application form. It is available free of cost. Alternatively you can download the application form online from here as well:

• Fill in all the columns and sign it dully. Once done, submit the completely filled and dully signed application form to the Registrar Births & Deaths.

• Pay the application processing fee to cashier/clerk or computer operator and get the application receipt. You can directly pay the application fee in form of treasury challan using form TR6 (you can ask cashier for the same). Application fee for one birth certificate copy is Rs. 21 and search fee for 1 year is Rs. 2

• It will now take around 7 working days to get the birth certificate done. You can either collect it from the office where you submitted birth certificate application form or you can ask authorities to post it to your personal address. For latter option, you will have to attach self addressed envelope along with the application.

• Any of the family member can apply for birth certificate.

What if not registered in 21 days
Ideally you should try to register within 21 days only but in case you miss this timeline then you will have to go through verification process conducted by revenue authorities. Application procedure will be same as mentioned above. However in case you decide to register after 1 year of the birth then you will have to route to court of the SDM.

Documents Required and Place of Registration

Documents required are:

• Application form

• Fee Receipt (or challan copy; if paid through challan)

Please make sure to put correct details in the application form as they will be validated from the records available in nursing homes or hospitals (where the delivery was done). In case the delivery id done in house then applicant will have to submit affidavit clearly stating the details that usually are maintained in birth registers at any nursing home or hospital (you can get this affidavit copy from any notary shop easily available near courts). Do check it registration office once as sometimes it might not be required at all.

Where to Apply

Rural Areas: People living in rural area can apply at District Registrar (or Civil Surgeon), Births and Deaths at District Level

Urban Areas: In urban areas, you can apply at Executive Officer/ Local Registrar, Births and Deaths in Municipal Committee

Contact Detail

In case of any doubts or concerns, please use below contact details:

Dr. Harshwardhan
30 Bays Building, Sector 17, Chandigarh

Do let us know if you have doubts with any step.