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Apply Online/Offline Birth Certificate: Uttar Pradesh (UP)

Uttar Pradesh in India is one of the most critical state when it comes to population and providing general day to day life services to people. Say it vote politics or whatever but government somehow needs to ensure that they are coping with people’s demand and are updated with latest techniques to absorb max of the available potential. Birth Certificate in Uttar Pradesh is among the crucial documents that is used to uniquely identify the birth of newly born infant. Here we will check out details about how to apply for birth certificate online/offline in Uttar Pradesh and other related details for the same.

In Uttar Pradesh you are supposed to apply for birth certificate within 21 days of the birth. You can apply till one year with commencement of little late fee, however after 1 year you won’t be able to register simply by paying late fee. In such cases you will have to come up with written order from first class magistrate only. You can check birth certificate status as well.

Birth Certificate UP

How to apply for birth certificate in Uttar Pradesh

Whatever we are discussing here is global to UP and is valid in all small and big cities. Some of them are: Lucknow, Agra, Varanasi, Kanpur, Meerut, Allahabad, Noida, Aligarh, Gorakhpur etc. follow below procedure to apply for birth certificate in UP:

1. Visit concerned birth certificate registration office and ask for the birth certificate form. In rural areas, you can visit your Gram Panchayat Offices (GPOs) and in urban areas you can visit nearby municipality office for getting the birth certificate form.

2. Fill in the form with complete set of documents that are mentioned within the form.

3. Once done with the form filling part, submit it back to the concerned office.

You will be issued birth certificate within 7 working days of the registration (may extend a bit though). You can either receive it from the office where you have submitted the registration form or you can directly ask the authorities to deliver it to your address directly. In the latter case, you will have to attach postal card along with your address and proper stamping along with the birth certificate form.

Documents required and who can apply for birth certificate in Uttar Pradesh

Documents required are:

• Birth Registration Application Form along with the application fee (you will get it at the registration center itself)

• Proof of birth (in case of deliveries done at any sort of medical institution, you can come up with birth register record that they use to maintain for new births and in case of birth delivered at home, you can simply write down the details on plane paper or using an affidavit)

• Affidavit from first class magistrate in case you are registering after 1 year
Person who is supposed to go and register birth details is:

Check: Documents required for birth registration

Birth delivered at home
Either head of the house or nearest relative to the head of the family. In absence of both, oldest person in the family will have to register the birth certificate

Birth outside the house
If this is the case then person in charge of the medium at that time will be required for birth registration. For example f the birth has taken place in hospital then person in charge of hospital at that time will have to register the details (or any other person authorized by him). In case of deliveries in moving vehicle, person in charge of the vehicle can register details.

If the infant is found deserted in a public area, then headman of the area or in charge at the local Police station will have to register the details.

UP Birth Certificate Status

Checking status of birth certificate in Uttar Pradesh is easy and you can use below reference for checking live status of your UP birth registration.

Check Status | UP Birth Certificate

Till the time entire process is digitized, you can manually ask for the latest update by calling any representative in UP birth certificate offices. It is true for all areas in UP that include Lucknow, Allahabad etc.

UP Online Certificate Verification

Uttar Pradesh Birth Certificate verification is done through offline channels. Once you submit the registration documents along with the proofs, invigilator from the concerned office will verify those details. He is free to use all his resources to verify the details that you have mentioned in the birth registration application. Once the invigilator is clear with all the formalities/documents, he/she will update the status flag (imaginary flag) and will ask the concerned department to issue the birth certificate. Only after this you can download birth certificate online up.