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Birth Certificate Online: Andhra Pradesh (AP)

Any child who is born in Andhra Pradesh (be it Indian or foreigner) has the right to apply for and get birth certificate issued to his/her name against the state. Here we will guide you with how to apply for birth certificate online/offline in Andhra Pradesh. Tutorial is same throughout entire Andhra and is valid to main cities like Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Guntur, Tirupati, Chittoor, Amaravati etc.

You will get details on: Apply Online for Birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh | Birth Certificate Resgitration Form in Andhra, Application Fee | How to Apply

Birth Certificate Andhra Pradesh

How to apply for Birth Certificate Online/Offline in Andhra Pradesh

Where to Apply:

If you belong to Urban Societies/Area then you need to visit nearby Municipality or in case you belong to rural area then you can easily apply for birth certificate from your nearby/local Panchayat (also called Mandal Revenue Office).

Below is the procedure to register and receive Birth Certificate in Andhra Pradesh:

• Procedure is different for different delivery types (whether delivery is done in hospital or in home)

• For hospital cases, it is the responsibility of concerned hospital to maintain record of newly born child (maintained in a birth register) and then send it to local bodies. List of newly born children is sent to concerned bodies at regular intervals. Once it is received at the municipality office (or MRO), parents (any one of the parent can visit) will have to visit there to apply for the birth certificate. You will need to fill in one simple birth registration form which is available at all municipality offices

• In case birth takes place at house then parents will have to inform the concerned office in writing. Officials will then verify the details and will issue birth certificate on successful validation

• In case of hospital delivery, you don’t need to produce any additional verification document (record maintained in the register in enough) but in case of house delivery, you will have to produce a written statement about child’s birth

• Applicant might need to fill Application From 2 which is easily available at all the concerned offices/bodies

Birth Certificate Application Fee and Forms in Andhra Pradesh

Application fee is different and varies from local body to local body. It should be below Rs 10-20 max.

For Hyderabad Municipality (which is one of the biggest and important Municipal Corporation in state) you can find all related stuff here

Hope it helps, do let us know if you need more details on any section.