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Birth Certificate Online | Delhi

Apply Online for Delhi Birth Certificate | Application Fee | How to change Name/Address | Where to register | Birth Registration Centers

Birth Registration in Delhi needs to be done within 21 days of birth (you can do it later also but there are many catch in that so we would suggest you to register and get birth certificate within first 21 days of the birth). We will teach you step by step process of how to get birth certificate in Delhi, where to apply, how to apply, application fee and many other such details.

First thing first, you must be aware of the person who needs to visit concerned office for birth registration. Depending upon the type of birth, person detail varies and is as below:

Birth in House: Head of the house/nearest relative to head of house/or oldest person in family

Birth in Hospital/Nursing Home or any such places: Medical Office Incharge at that time

Jail/Dharamshala/Boarding House: Incharge of the Jail/Dharamshala/Boarding House

Moving Vehicle: Person Incharge of vehicle

Baby found in deserted place: either the Headman of village or Incharge at local Police Station

Birth Certificate Delhi

Procedure to Register Birth Certificate in Delhi

MCD, NDMC, Delhi Cantonment Board are the local bodies in Delhi which can be used as Birth Registration Centers across state. Below are the possible cases:

Urban Area | Birth at Home
Can be registered at nearest vaccination center

Rural Area | Birth at Home
Primary Health Centers or nursing home whichever is applicable

Birth at Hospitals/Nursing Homes
Can be registered at respective MCDs

Registration centres/Zonal Offices of the local bodies are responsible for issuing birth certificates. They are issued within 7 days of application and can be either collected from office itself or can also be asked to deliver at your home (you will have to attach postal card along with proper stamps in that case).

Documents Required

You will need:

• Birth Registration Form (easily available at registration centers or you can download one from here:

• Application (on simple plain paper)

• Proof of birth

• Affidavit that states time/place of birth

• Ration Card copy

• School leaving certificate (if applicable)

All these documents needs to be attested by gazette officer.

Other Formalities in terms of timing

• Registration within 21 days of birth is processed without late fee

• Registration between 21-30 days can be processed with late fee

• Registration between 30 days and 1 year will be processed with late fee and permission from the registrar

• For cases beyond 1 year, applicant will have to take permission from Area Magistrate (late fee will be charged obviously)

Birth Certificate Fee in Delhi

It is different w.r.t. time of registration. Below are the details:

• Within 21 days: NIL (no fee charged)

• 21-30 days: Rs. 5

• 30 days – 1 year: Rs. 10

• Beyond 1 year: Rs. 20

Service fee of Rs. 5 is applicable in all cases.

How to make changes in Delhi Birth Certificate

In order to make any changes in the existing birth certificate (let name change or birth place change or whatever), you need to approach any of the CSB along with a written request supported by an affidavit and undertaking from the informant. Affidavit should clearly mention the details that needed to be amended.

More details can be found below: