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Birth Certificate Online|Offline: Haryana | Himachal Pradesh

Get details about Birth Certificate in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Procedure for both the states is almost similar so I am putting them together. We will see below details here:

Apply for online/offline birth certificate in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh | Documents Required | Where to register | Registration Cost and other required details.

Apply Online/Offline Birth Certificate in Haryana

If you belong to rural area in Haryana then you need to apply at office of District Registrar (Births & Deaths)cum Civil Surgeon of the concerned district and if you belong to urban area then you need to visit Registrar cum Secretary of your Municipality (that belongs to your area and is assigned for Birth and Death certificates).

Ideally you should apply within first 21 days of the birth. In case you are late, you will have to apply with late fee as well as certain approvals from different government bodies (depending upon how late you actually are).
Coming to the fee then for one single extract (either birth or death), you will have to pay Rs. 5 per certificate. For searching details in first year Rs. 2 is applicable which is similar for every additional year as well. If you have urgency with requirement then you will have to pay Rs. 5/request.

Please visit for more details.

Birth Certificate Online

Online Birth Certificate Himachal Pradesh

People belonging to rural areas, need to apply at Panchayat Secretary in respective areas and people living in urban areas needs to register at Assistant Registrar (Executive Officer).

Application form you can get at respective Panchayat or from the office of registrar. You need to fill in complete details and need to submit dully signed application form there itself.

Kindly apply within 20 days of the birth as if you apply after 20 days, you will have to go through verification process that is conducted by revenue authorities.

Birth certificate is usually issued by SDM office (in cases when registration of birth is not recorded at MC or Gram Panchayat level). For such cases, a birth report is needed from the hospital in charge where the delivery was done.

No fee is charged under any circumstances (however rules may change anytime).

Documents Required

Please make sure to carry below set of documents:

• Marriage certificate of parents

• Birth registration report (applicable for hospital deliveries)

• Ration card copy (required in few cases only)

• ID proof

• Do take some residential proof also

This is how to register and get Birth Certificate in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Do let us know if you need any more detail.