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Documents required for Birth Certificate Registration

Birth Certificate is one of the most crucial documents that a newly born infant needs at multiple levels. As the name says it shows details about birth of the child and acts as individual identity in most of the cases. It helps in various other things that the infant is supposed to be registered to, later in his life. Here we will discuss the documents that are needed while submitting the application form for birth certificate.

Kindly note that birth certificate requirements keeps changing state to state and no one can ever come with exact set of requirements that is applicable to all the Indian states, however we will point down some of the main documents that are required in all the cases. You might need to show more documents as per the requirements. So please be ready for that.

Also please let us know every time you are asked for any other documents that we have listed here (please be more specific and comment down with your state). It will help us creating a master list that can serve the main purpose (i.e. documents requirement for creating birth certificate).

Sample Birth Certificate

Documents required for Birth Certificate

Parents Marriage Certificate
Parent’s marriage certificate is required in most of the state so please consider this document while packing out for registering birth certificate of your child. In case marriage certificate is not available then you can state the same using an affidavit or first please check with the birth certificate office about what exactly needs to be done (whether they actually need marriage certificate or not).

Birth Registration in Hospital/Nursing Home Register
It is applicable for births that are delivered at hospitals or nursing homes. At the time of birth, one entry is made for every child in the birth register kept by hospital/nursing home. In such cases you will have to produce copy of birth registration entry to the respective authority.

Identity proof, residential proof of parents/guardian or the person who is present at the registration office
Do not forget to carry identity and residential proof while going for birth registration. These are important documents and are required in most of the cases.

These are some of the important documents that are required for birth registration. Let me sum up them now:

• Marriage certificate of parents

• Birth registration register copy (delivery at hospital)

• Identity proof

• Residential proof

Please help us expanding this list by commenting down the certificates that were asked to you by the respective birth registration authority.

In case of deliveries at home, you simply need to write down child’s detail (in application form) on plain paper and need to submit that to respective office.

Do let us know if anything else required.