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Birth Certificate Online/Offline: Jharkhand

Birth Certificate in Jharkhand can be obtained easily and almost everything related to how to get birth certificate registered in state is available online. Here we will have a detailed look on:

How to apply online/offline for Birth Certificate in Jharkhand | Application Fee | Where to Apply | How to Make Changes | Contact Details and many more things.

Jharkhand as a digital state has been doing many good things from recent time. They are trying hard to get in parallel with the digital moment and they are doing fairly good so far.

Birth Certificate Jharkhand

How to register birth certificate in Jharkhand

Birth registration in Jharkhand is ideally supposed to be done within 21 days of the birth. There are provisions to do it later also but in those cases you will be scrutinized by revenue officers (will give details in due course of this article).

Please follow below procedure for birth certificate registration in Jharkhand:

• Visit nearby Panchayat (rural area) or Municipality Office (urban area)

• Get the copy of birth certificate registration form

• Fill in all the details

• Attach the supporting documents

• Submit it back to the concerned authorities/office

Once the verification is done, birth certificate will be issued after 7 working days from then.

Documents Required

• Application form that is available at office/panchayat

• Proof of birth (birth registration record in case of hospital/nursing home delivery or simple affidavit in case of delivery done at home)

• Affidavit that states date, time and place of birth

• Ration Card Copy

• Copy of School leaving certificate (in case applicable)

Please get all the documents attested from gazetted officer.

Who can register/apply for Birth Certificate

Delivery at Home: Head of the family or nearest relative to the family head or oldest person in family. It can be done by Anganwadi Sewika or Chawkidar as well.

Delivery outside home: In such cases, informer will be the person in charge at respective place. For instance, in case of birth at hospital, hospital in charge will be informer. In case of moving vehicle, person in charge of vehicle will be the informer. Same is for other cases.

What if registration is not done within 21 days of birth

21 days – 30 days: can be done with late fee

30 days – 1 year: will have to pay late fee + written permission from specified officer (you can get officer detail from Panchayat or Birth Registrar easily).

Beyond 1 year: Late fee + order from Executive Magistrate deputed for this job by S.D.O

Fee details

Within 21 days: No fee

Beyond 30 days: Rs. 1

You will get birth certificate issued within 21 days of registration. In case of any queries or doubt, please use below contact details:

Director, Statistics and Evaluation,
Engineer's hostel No. 1,
Near Golchakkar, Dhurwa, Ranchi
Contact No: 0651-2400877