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Apply for Birth Certificate Application Online in India

Birth Certificate in India is one of the most important document to which an infant is registered with. As the name clarifies, it holds birth details of every Indian infant that include facts like birth city, birth time, date of birth etc. Birth certificates are used in many processes that an infant  go through in his/her life. Few common uses are:

  • Getting enrolled with any other Government record/certificate like Ration Card, PAN card etc
  • Birth certificates are mostly used during 1st association with employer (i.e. when you get the job for first time). Many companies go through a process called BGC (Back Ground Check) where they verifies details of a person right from his/her birth. Birth certificate plays a major role there.
  • Although it is not suggested on a wide scale but they can also be used as an identity proof and you can use them wherever you need to produce identity proofs (however please refer to your state's rule as it might be different in your particular state)
Birth Certificate Online
Birth Certificate Online

Birth Certificate Application Online

After Digital India is getting its shape in country, many things have started experiencing a paradigm shift. It is all about a digital shift where offline processes are getting migrated to brand new fast and reliable online services. Birth certificate is one among such services and today we can get basic details about birth certificate, online itself. Here we will check about how you can get birth certificate application online and what all features you can avail as of now (please note that as of now online birth certificate process is limited to first/initial phase only and for seeing it work in full functional mode, we might have to wait for some more years still). We will be talking about each and every fact in detail here.

Wehave discussed online birth certificate details as per state, below you can find details about your particular state. Do let us know if your state is not covered and you want to know anything about that:

We will be covering more states in coming days. Do have a read and let us know if you have any questions (specific to your state). Below we are addressing some common questions about entire process throughout the country.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Birth Certificate in India

Below are some of the most common questions related to birth certificate:

Q. Is it true that we can't register for birth certificate after 21 days of birth?

A. No, it is not true. You can enroll for birth certificate after 21 days also. However you will have to pay minimal amount of fee (generally between Rs. 2-5) for every application, plus you will have to showcase written permission from higher authorities (state level gazetted officers or district magistrate). As it is a lengthy process so it is advised to register for birth certificate within 21 days of birth (or at least within 30 days of the birth).

Q. What all documents are needed for birth certificate?

A. Entry made in hospital birth register (in case delivery is done at hospital), date, time and place of birth, ID proofs of parents (it is optional in most of the states), written permission from gazetted officer or magistrate (in case you are applying after 30 days of the birth), written proof from person in charge in case the delivery is done at Police Station or in some moving vehicle.

Q. What are the benefits of acquiring a birth certificate?

A. Birth certificate can be used in below scenarios:
  • Proof of birth (can be used anywhere, where birth proof is required)
  • Helps in getting permission to vote, verifying right age for marriage
  • Helps in getting school admission
  • Helps in getting enrolled with Government and Private organizations
  • Settlement of inheritance and property rights
  • Creating driving license
  • Required while applying for passport

Q. What is the application fee for Birth Certificate?

A. Within 21 days: No fee
Between 21-30 days: Rs. 1-5
Beyond 31 days: Rs. 2+

Charges are different for each state, so please get in touch with your nearby birth certificate office for getting latest fee rates.

Q. Where to register for birth certificate in India?

A.  Rural Areas: Gram Panchayat Office (GPO)
Urban Areas: Communicability Office

Q. How to track Birth Certificate Status in India?

A. For now government is yet to roll out the complete digital birth certificate program across country. Once they launch it officially, we will update this article with info about how to track birth certificate status online. Till then you can track the status from offline resources.

UPDATE: 10/24/2016

Birth certificates are going to be of more worth in coming future. In Jaipur (Rajasthan), officials have made it compulsory to produce birth certificates in order to apply and get marriage certificates in the area. This rule will be applicable to all the marriages that took place on or after October 2016. People who married before Oct 1st 2016 do not need to produce birth certificates for validating their marriage. They don't need to do anything under this validation process. It is implemented mainly to ensure age of the groom/bride at the time of marriage so that child marriage can be abolished from the area.

Till now people were able to get marriage certificates on basis of documents like 10th mark sheet, passports etc, but going onward no marriage certificate will be issued without showing valid birth certificate. In case you don’t have any birth certificate yet, you can still apply for one through proper channel.

If you are looking for getting birth certificate for the sole purpose of getting married then you have obviously crossed 1st thirty days of your birth. We are emphasizing on 30 days interval more as it is the time up to when people can apply for birth certificates without much hassle. In case you want to apply after 30 days then you will have to go through rigid processes that involve asking for written permission of Government Gazetted officer. So please do prepare yourself for that.

Do let us know if you need any other information or help with any query about Birth Certificate in India.