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Birth Certificate Online Kerala

Check details related to birth certificate in Kerala. Also get to know about Birth certificate kerala panchayat, birth certificate correction in kerala, procedure for getting birth certificate in kerala, checking birth certificate status online, lsg kerala services and many other things. Birth certificate is an essential document in Kerala that comes with the authority to validate one's identity and age for use in external services/certificates.

We have already covered many guides about Birth Certificate. Check out some of the important guides below:

These articles will be helpful for general scenarios. Here we will be focusing specially on birth certificate process in Indian Kerala state.

Birth Certificate Kerala
Birth Certificate Kerala

Procedure of getting Birth Certificate in Kerala Online/Offline

Birth Registration process in Kerala can be processed using offline resources now. Time will come when we will be able to apply for same through online channels but as of now you will need to go through offline channels only. Birth certificate Kerala panchayat is popular for registration process. In rural areas, it is Gram Panchayat Offices (GPOs) where you can apply for birth registration certificates.

Check out the official Kerala Birth Certificate From here. In this application form you can check out for the details that you need to fill along with the supporting documents that you need to attach along with. In the registration form, you will have to submit details related to birth (time and place), parent's detail etc.

In case of home deliveries, you don't need to produce any birth records. However if the birth has happened in any medical institute then you will have to submit proof from institute's medical register where they record birth details.

If you apply within first 21 days of the birth then no late fee will be charged and process will be much faster. In case registration is done within 21-30 days of birth then a nominal late fee of Rs. 2-10 will be applicable. In case you are late than 30 days then you will have to go through a rigid process where you will be paying late fee along with written permission from government officer.

Birth Certificate Correction in Kerala

In case yo want to make amendments in birth certificate (if it is related to name change then please refer to the article that we have discussed above) then you will have to visit nearby birth registration center along with proofs of change. Get the correction form from concerned officer, fill in the details completely, attach all required documents and submit it. Once your changes are validated, you will be issued new birth certificate within 10-15 working days.

LSG Kerala provides online platform where you can register for birth, death and marriage certificates. Government has plans to solidify the network further and thus providing an integrated high quality digital network where one could register and get every information online.

LSG Kerala

LSG Kerala is responsible for all birth registration related tasks in Kerala. We have already mentioned the details about how one can proceed with LSG Kerala registration above. It is one stop solution for all aspirants looking for getting their birth registered in state. It can be used for all districts on the state.

Do let us know if you are stuck with anything related to birth certificate process in Kerala.