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Online Birth Certificate in Uttarakhand | Apply | Check Status

Birth certificate in Uttarakhand is as important as in any other Indian state. Here we will guide you with details on how to get birth certificate online in Uttarakhand that will include birth certificate form no 5 Uttarakhand, e Janadhar Uttarakhand, registration form and many other related things. We will also try to cover birth registration district wise as online birth certificate in Dehradun, nagar nigam dehradun birth certificate are few important things that people are interested in. UK Government is making each possible effort to connect this hilly state with latest IT technologies and schemes. They are planning towards Uttarakhand e district where every critical resource will be available online and people will not have to visit offline channels anymore. This dream will take time and going to be realized in years only. We will keep you updated about same but for now let we focus on birth registration in the state.

Birth Certificate Uttarakhand
Birth Certificate Uttarakhand

Online Birth Certificate Registration in Uttarakhand

Any Indian citizens with valid identity proof can apply for birth certificates in India. It is there right to get involved in birth registration process. Depending upon the area you live in, you can apply for birth registration in below offices:

Birth registration Office
Gram Panchayat
Nagar Palika
In case you belong to any rural areas in UK then you can get registration forms from your local Gram Panchayats. It is the place where you need to submit completely filled forms as well.

If you are living in urban areas or also classified as towns then you can get the same from Nagar Palika of your area. Make sure to attach all important documents and then submit the completely filled birth registration form in every aspect to the concerned authority.

List of documents remain same both in rural as well as in towns. It includes:

  • Hospital certificate (in case of hospital deliveries only). It can be the simple birth registration entry from the birth registration file maintained by the hospital
  • Form-1 which is available at Nagar Palika
  • Affidavit stating the terms and condition (you can get it from any notary shop)

Steps to apply online/offline for Birth Certificate in Uttarakhand

Follow below steps to register your child's birth details with concerned authorities in UK state:

  1. Visit Gram Panchayat or Nagar Palika depending upon your area
  2. Ask for the registration form there
  3. Fill in the details completely (will include name of infant, time-place of birth, weight)
  4. Attach all supported documents, affidavits and whatever else is asked
  5. Submit the completely filled application form back to concerned authority in office (you need to submit everything that is asked in Form 1)
  6. If the birth has taken place in hospital then you will have to produce a letter given by hospital authorities and in case the child is born at home, a written application must be given at the registration center.
  7. Some invigilator from office will verify your submitted details and deepening upon his/her sercutinzied result, he/she will approve or reject your request
  8. Once your request is approved, you will get original birth certificate copy within 7-10 working days
This is how you can apply and get live birth certificate in UK India. It is valid for all districts in Uttarakhand that include:
  • Almora
  • Bageshwar
  • Chamoli
  • Champawat
  • Dehradun
  • Haridwar
  • Nainital
  • Pauri Garhwal
  • Pithoragarh
  • Rudraprayag
  • Tehri Garhwal
  • Udham Singh Nagar
  • Uttarkashi

Application Fee and Registration Timelines

A minimal application processing fee of Rs. 20/- per certificate is applicable for every new birth registration entry. This application fee is valid if you register within first 21 days of the birth. In case you are applying after 21 days and before 30 days then there is provision of late fee (will not be much though).

In case you are applying after 30 days then you will have to get written permission permission from Government gazetted officer along with affidavit. So please make sure to apply within first 21-30 days only.

Check Uttarakhand Birth Certificate Status Online

Government is working hard on a model where birth certificate related details can be maintained through online platforms. Once completed, it  will allow the applicants to check their birth registration status online, making commandments/changes online, changing name on birth certificate and almost everything that is currently being done through offline channels. Once done we will update you. Till then you can get live status updates through offline resources only. Ask for contact details of registration center (at the birth registration office) or someone specific in the office and be in their touch. It usually takes anywhere between 7-10 days to get birth certificate issued to your address.

Do let us know your comments/concerns about birth certificate process in Uttarakhand.